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EN: ai constantly research on the lastest AI algorithms and deploy on various platforms in order to provide the newest edge AI solutions for our clients. We are able to provide highly customizable AI on edge solutions to protect client's privacy and also put the cost to the lowest. 



Ultra High Resolution Real Time Image Enhancement By Regions

An end-to-end AI algorithm that can automatically enhance the low-quality photos/videos locally on the edge devices (PC, phone and edge devices with gpu) without network connection (up to  (but not limited to) 7000 x 5000 pixels) in real time.


Deep Learning AI Defect Detection

Industual graded defect detection with precise location marked on products; runing on Jetson NX and other edge devices. Automatically tell the defects location on the product for inductual product line quality control.



Deep Learning AI Segmentation for Medical Images

AI Segmentation of medical images (photo, X-ray, ultrasound) for identification of abnormal sections. AI deep learning segmentation process can assist the doctors to find out the attention areas quickly in real time.

** Due to the privacy concern of the dataset, the output of the algorithm is shown here, the input is not allowed to be published.


Lidar Objects Detection for various lighting conditions

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) application to detect cars and pedestrians on the road, running on FPGA. Enable traffic data analysis without the concerns on different lighting conditions nor privacy issues in the public environment.

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